Young, modern and smart. They need to realize themselves, to work, to be fit, confident and financially independent.

Lyudmila Skarzhynska. This is where the whole story began. It was she who filled out a questionnaire for the project “To You My Dream”, stating that her dream is to have a computer and work remotely. Lyudmila lives in the village of Grebinka, Kyiv region. Married. She and her husband have a disability. Because of Lyudmila’s injury, it is difficult to walk. She walks with the help of a stick, every step is very difficult for her, so it is almost impossible to get to her workplace every day. Continue reading

BikersBiker … I guess I will not be mistake if I say that this word is familiar to everyone from the very childhood, but everyone calls their associations.

In different countries, biker organizations have a row of their differences, but in general, the principles of each of them can be reflected in three words: Honor, Brotherhood and Mutual Gathering. Modern bikers are people who are not just in love with speed and freedom. Continue reading

мрійливий рекордсмен

Started the 2nd stage of the charity project “To You, My Dreams”. There were 10 participants with disabilities from different cities of Ukraine, with different fates and different dreams. For some time, the project’s organizers worked with each participant to support them in order to step by step to realize their dreams through faith and their own efforts.

So, on May 11, the first dream has come true. This dream was rather unusual. Firstly, the project participant Gorbatok Mikhail is the record holder of Ukraine from works of the matches. Continue reading

On March 1, he celebrated his 17th birthday of the Kievan Karasyuk Eugene, who has a cerebrovascular disease, and even asthma. For several years now the guy is fond of singing Oleg Vynnyk and dreamed of hearing his incredible singing not from the TV screens, but from the stage, feeling all the incredible atmosphere from the concert. We managed to fulfill his dream. March 7, Yevgeny, along with his mother and little nephew, who, by the way, is a fan of the singer, have enjoyed the concert program. As the boy’s mother said: “It was a wonderful gift for her son”, and after attending the concert they shared with us their impressions: “We met Mrs Olena. Very politely, held our place. We express our sincere gratitude to all those who have been able to attend the concert, to receive the sea of ​​positive and pleasure. Thanks a thousand times for every kind heart to realize the dreams of special children. Thanks to the Unity Foundation, personally, Mrs. Valentino, Mrs. Olena and the entire team of Oleg Vinnik. Good luck, blessing and God’s burn for all of you !!! »

UNITI Foundation is very grateful to the organizer of the Oleg Vynnyk concert for the opportunity for people with disabilities to attend such events!

“For me, as a developing person, and having a small business, this topic is never more relevant and interesting!” – shared his impressions Oleksandr Stodnychenko (moving with the help of a wheelchair) – one of the participants of the charitable foundation, who was fortunate enough to attend the training “Metamorphosis” of Petro Osipov, which was aimed at raising business to a new level due to internal changes.

First of all, the UNITI Foundation is very grateful to the project organizers for the opportunity to attend training for 5 people with disabilities, together with the attendants. Continue reading

Олександр Швецов проект можливо все ти тільки вір

Who does not want to pay homage to this person! Because he is one of those whose life turned 360 degrees after the midst of the grenade broke out in the battle. He stood there, on the front, defending his native land and each of us at the price of his life. This is Alexander Shvetsov – for several years he has been moving with the help of a prosthetic device. After experiencing this horror – physical and psychological, he began to help such as he – to the brothers who were in a similar situation.


Goroshynka Studio is home to your home. October 20, practically, it was. Cozy, home-made kitchen where, as photographer Kristina Sagirov said, “there is not enough scattered flour for the perfect picture.” Eyes just shone in both happiness and true love. Valentina is gentle and fragile, Igor is a courageous and caring real man. This family was not hampered by the disability of a wife who has a cerebral palsy and has a wheelchair since birth. For the seventh year in a row, they have been supporting each other, dreaming of their own children, doing charity work, building their happy future step by step. Continue reading

Yuri Poloz. One can say about him “a gentleman from God.” From his masculine look no detail of feminine uniqueness is hidden. Yuriy is 31 years old. Moves with the help of a cane because it has cerebral palsy from birth. An active football fan. But sport loves not only watching but also doing sports. Meet – winner of all-Ukrainian swimming tournaments and participant of the charity photo project “Everything is possible! You are only a believe. ” Continue reading