logoCharity fund “Unity” is an independent unprofitable, ungovernmental and nonpolitical charity organization, that was established in July, 2014. It carries out the activity in interests of society, specifically in interests of young people with functional limitations of different nosologies.


The name “Юніті” originates from English word UNITY:

·          unity of the soul with a body;

·          unity in the team;

·          unity of people with limited physical capacities and people without them (equal rights and equal possibilities);

·         unity of young people with limited  possibilities from different cities and countries.


The president of the fund is Valentyna Sukhar – a girl, who since the childhood has been suffering from ICP and who is moving by means of invalid chair. That was her illness that induced the girl to the idea of the charity fund establishment. In fact every day, overcoming barriers to full life and having support of close people,  more and more the  understanding was coming, that the number of people with disability, who live their lives in confinement of their own dwellings having no hope in a decent future. Many of them lose sense of life, faith in themselves and forces.


So, the aims of the charity fund “Unity” are:


– to notice and expose the potential of participants of the Fund and help them to realize themselves in all the spheres of life;

– to stabilize the self-appraisal of participants of the Fund by training courses, destroying in such a way their sense of  pity to themselves;

– to help to reach a harmony with themselves;

– to help  realizing  desires and dreams of every participant of  the Fund;

– to help become a man of actions and example for others.