President of the charity fund

In 2008, she graduated from VMURol “Ukraine” (diploma with honors), mastering the profession of Journalist-Editor. She repeatedly took part in contests where she was awarded prize-winning places in various nominations. The author of the collection of poetry “Soul”. She started her social activities in 2011 – she was an assistant to the head of the club “Harmony” for young people with disabilities. And from July 2014 she became the president of the charity fund “Unity”. Her life was associated with charity as she  moved from a childhood to a wheelchair because she had a cerebral palsy. However, my illness never became an obstacle to active and fulfilling life. I understand the feelings of people with disabilities. I understand what problems they are having and I understand that not everyone can handle them. Therefore, I try to do everything to ensure that these people receive the life they dream of.

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Assistant to the President of the Fund

PR manager

organizer of charity project “To you, my dreams”

Daily work on oneself, over people, over positive changes for society, give me strength for my success. From my childhood I was an active mass initiator of ideas. My main hobby today is the organizer. I do what is overwhelming for many! I make a holiday, fulfill my dreams, create a person’s confidence, help me do things that lose faith in a person, help me get everything I want from my childhood, and not only.I am a presenter, blogger, speaker, partner, sponsor, inspirational, vocalist, journalist, both in my own and in partner projects where I help people find each other. More than 20 couples in a happy marriage, more than 30 teams in a successful business, more than 30,000 acquaintances, who found the answer for themselves, and the exit from a painful life situation, and not only, finding happiness within themselves.

I’m happy with what I’m doing! I am helping to realize dreams and people with disabilities by supporting and helping charity project “To you, my dreams”. This is a huge gift for me, getting to know these fireflies. Valentina Sukhar, the president of the Unity Foundation, became not only a friend of mine but also a vivid example of how to build my life, how to truly love and how to better help myself and the environment, friends, partners, loved ones.

Working in a team with professionals, you always get a 100% result. Especially if you do it with heart … It’s more than 20 years, daily work, happiness, work, desire, action and internal flow of energy to get some results.

I invite you to meet us. We are open. And always happy to help fulfill your dream …

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Administrator of the charity project “Beating the Heart”

In 2007 I finished gymnasium number 315 with the deepening of foreign languages. And in 2013 graduated from VMURol “Ukraine” with the profession “Ecologist”. I have always dreamed of helping people with disabilities to believe in their strengths and capabilities and reach incredible heights in all spheres of life.

Facebook:Ірина Мороз



In 2000, graduated from the Professional Construction Lyceum in Kyiv.

From an early age, namely, from the age of 15, began to admire volunteering. He believes that helping people is the meaning of his life.

From 2000 to 2005 he was a volunteer at the Social Service of the Darnytsky District (helping people with disabilities). In 2006 he was awarded the title of “The Best Volunteer of the Darnytsky District”.


Volunteer photographer of the charity project “Beating the Heart”

In 2009 he graduated from VMURol “Ukraine” in the specialty “social work”. Since 1999, at the Podilskyi District Center for Social Services for Families, Children and Youth, he has started to conduct volunteering activities, namely in the club “Shining  Hope”. I take a photo, active rest and self-development.

Facebook: Roma Gromskiy


Specialist in Public Affairs and International Relations, Organizer of the charitable project “To You, My Dreams”

Specialized Hospital “OKHMATDYT” (Department of Toxicology). But by the will of fate I was invited by a stylist to the charity project “To you, my dreams” to the Unity Foundation. Almost immediately I decided to be one of the organizers of the project. I was accepted into the team. Communicating with project participants revealed the most mysterious places in my heart. These people turned my mind. They, to some extent, have become my teachers. With my love for life, I realized that it was not enough. In me, now more light, I feel fullness, a surge of forces, energy, a desire for good deeds. I thank Valentina Sukhar for inspiration. For her personal example. I’m proud of friendship with her. And also, thank you to the whole team of the organizers of the project “To you, my dreams”: Shevchuk Mary, Shust Victoria, Chernomorets Artem.

Instagram: Svetlana Stetshenko
Facebook: Светлана Стешенко
Tel: 099-281-90-49 (wats up, viber)


Organizer, coordinator, fundraiser of the charity project “To you, my dreams”

I work as a nurse in a private diagnostic center. I am currently fond of floristry. Opened his online store Lady Bird for making bouquets. Even when I actively occupied the activity of the make-up artist, I took part in one charity event “The Wheel of Life”, where I met Valentina Sukhar, who after some time offered me to do a charity project “To you, my dream”. It was something new to me, it was very interesting to me, and besides, I understood that I could be something useful to people in need of help. But after the first dream, I wanted to refuse to participate in the project. It seemed to me that I could not stand it, it was morally very difficult for me. But he took hold of himself and continued his activities. And later, after communicating with project participants, I changed values, my worldview, my attitude to life.

Instagram: maria _shevchuk
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Organizer of the 2nd stage of the Charity project”To you, my dreams”

Life is a fairy tale full of incredible Divisions, Adventures, Surprises and Events.Alongside the magicians who are able to create Fairy Tale and miracle.The world is full of love and happiness. It is important to believe, always believe in the miracle – it is near and must be fulfilled. Get ready for it.I devote all my life to communication with people, their motivation, purposefulness, values, dreams, desires, discipline and work. Inspire, support, create a strategy for success. All my experience is working with different companies, businesses, founders and their incredible teams.The highest pleasure is the creation of a new, great, one that leaves after you the mark in life, which brings happiness further to many – is the construction of houses, complexes, as well as their design! This work inspires and fills when you see it as an idea, a plan is realized and materialized in life.Therefore, working with incredible people who have global, large-scale dreams, goals and tasks that make happy others – this is the meaning of life

Facebook: Рита Рукина
Teл: 067-917-93-98



I work as a teacher of English. Ill sick from my childhood on cerebral palsy, but in spite of this I try to be active! I write poetry, I like to read books, sing. In the UNITI charity foundation, thanks to the beautiful girl Valentina Sukhar. Her example inspired me to charity. I felt that I could be useful to people who need it, so I would give the world a little more light and good. And from this I will be happier!

Facebook: Кароліна Строїн
Тел: 0664116216 (viber)




Videographer-volunteer, organizer of the 2nd stage of the charity project “To you, my dreams”, curator of the volunteer charity project

The project came in completely accidentally – saw an advertisement on the social network that the video operator needed. Shooting was already engaged for three years. I wanted to create a production where the use of video would change people’s thinking for the better.

I have never been involved in charity before, and, moreover, I did not deal with people with disabilities. A new side of my life opened up before me. The first video of a project participant showed me that disability is not an obstacle to the implementation of planned plans. I was very surprised that a person moving with a wheelchair can be so strong and focused. The second shooting opened my eyes to the problems faced by a person with a disability, because I never thought about it.

In the end, the project “To you, my dreams” showed me a lot of new things. I have come up with new ideas on how to solve certain problems that I have learned from the inside of people with disabilities. I really like working in a team of good people!

Instagram: Cameraman
Facebook: Артём Черноморец



The curator of the charitable project “Maybe everything! You’re Only Believing “specialist in socializing people with disabilities

I am a student of VMURol Ukraine. I am studying 3 courses in the field of journalism. I took 7 years of competition (equestrian sport), I like to take pictures and photograph everything around, I like to sing, write poetry, in one word a creative person. Despite the fact that since my childhood I have a cerebrovascular disease and I am moving with a wheelchair, I have a very active lifestyle. My motto is life: “Take a step, and the road will appear”. Charity is a heart-warming call that helped me open up my mind. I am very happy when I can help a person and as a result I see her happy smile.

Instagram: Alexandra Vovchenko
Facebook: Александра Вовченко
Тел: 095-342-99-17 (viber)

Стельмах Анастасія


Site Administrator

I have cerebral palsy. In 2014 I graduated from the VMURol “Ukraine in the field of Accounting and Audit”. I’m fond of IT technology. I study web design and programming myself. My goal is to create a web studio. In 2003 I became a co-author of the book of poems “Holidays of the Ukrainian people” I am fond of chess and bochas. Good, open and always positive.

Instagram: Anastasiia Stelmakh
Facebook: Анастасія Стельмах
Тел: 063-377-24-16