Олександр Швецов проект можливо все ти тільки вір

Who does not want to pay homage to this person! Because he is one of those whose life turned 360 degrees after the midst of the grenade broke out in the battle. He stood there, on the front, defending his native land and each of us at the price of his life. This is Alexander Shvetsov – for several years he has been moving with the help of a prosthetic device. After experiencing this horror – physical and psychological, he began to help such as he – to the brothers who were in a similar situation.

 He is an example to follow the strong spirit of man. He is a participant of the charitable photo project ” Everything is Possible!  Just believe! ”

Personally, I was acquainted with Alexander quite a bit, and then in a social network. But crossing the threshold of PandoraStudio, where his first photo shoot took place, met immediately his warm arms and the impression that we are familiar for eternity. He’s just divine! And, in general, the whole team was able to relax. Because the photographer Ignatiev Julia did not fall behind Alexander, creating around an incredible positive. Apparently, this charge will last for a long time! We can not but say thank you to those who support our project: Tetyana Yeremenko (UniversalHedonism) for men’s clothing for Alexander. Again I’ll repeat – well, the most handsome man of Ukraine!

Олександр Швецов проект можливо все ти тільки вір

Very thankful studios. For example, I, a human on a wheelchair , was very impressed by the attitude of the workers. So attentive, good-natured it was !!!

New-year scenery of the Photostudio “Happiness” captured us and inspired the New Year’s mood. Christmas trees, gifts, candles … so warm and cozy … This is how Alexander second photo shoot took place on October 26. A strong and courageous man, wrapped in a warm blanket, posed in front of the camera Tatiana Bundzilo. But what did I start to talk about all the secrets ?! But not everyone! The image is not expected at all, even for us – the organizers. Creativity is not a foreseeable thing!

As always, with the indispensable cameraman of the project, Artem Bondarenko (FromLifestudio) and Oleksiy Semibratov, we do not imagine that we would do without him !!!