Young, modern and smart. They need to realize themselves, to work, to be fit, confident and financially independent.

Lyudmila Skarzhynska. This is where the whole story began. It was she who filled out a questionnaire for the project “To You My Dream”, stating that her dream is to have a computer and work remotely. Lyudmila lives in the village of Grebinka, Kyiv region. Married. She and her husband have a disability. Because of Lyudmila’s injury, it is difficult to walk. She walks with the help of a stick, every step is very difficult for her, so it is almost impossible to get to her workplace every day.

The project fulfilled this dream. Uniti’s team once again proved that the dream has one simple feature – it can be realized. Project participants’ dreams are a life-changing opportunity that opens new horizons and really, gives them the opportunity to believe in themselves. And thanks to «Skyeton» CEO Alexander Stepura, two more girls who found themselves in similar circumstances got this chance.

Tatyana Chaday a resident of the village of Painted, Kyiv region, also dreamed of a computer with Internet access to keep up with the times, make interesting presentations and seek new information for her students. Tatyana has childhood cerebral palsy from her childhood, which does not prevent her from working in the school of a teacher of biology and health care. She loves children and is a fan of her business.

Again, the dream of working and realizing yourself is the dream of Anastasia Yabluchko, who lives in Kiev. She brings up her daughter with her husband. Anastasia from childhood is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and moves with a wheelchair. Unfortunately, the infrastructure of the city is not adapted for the free movement of people on wheelchairs, so Anastasia has to spend most of her time at home. The only way out for her to do her favorite business and help her husband improve his family’s financial status is to work at home on a computer that his family has been unable to buy due to lack of money.

The computers were handed over to the «Kyiv-Paris» restaurant on December 14, 2019 with the participation of media representatives, in particular, the STB channel, which has repeatedly supported our project

We thank the «Kyiv-Paris» restaurant for its hospitality and wonderful atmosphere. Thank you to our photographer Anna Zapylayeva, who is not joining the project for the first time. And also a special thanks to Alexander Stepura for providing computers. Without his support, this would not be all.

And we wish the participants success in their work, improving themselves and finding a business that will bring not only good income, but also satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the dream of a job is not just a dream of three. This seemingly banal desire is a dream come true for many people with disabilities.

Not even a desire is a need. Everyone should be able to work to ensure a decent life for themselves and their children, not to mention self-esteem and benefits to the state.

The times of the “disabled” had already passed, and they had to spend all their lives in the four walls of their home. Right now, many are talking about equal rights and the adaptation of people with disabilities in society, and many are making inspirational TV shows about their success stories. But there are also many problems.

One of the main problems today is the lack of accessibility. A person on a wheelchair cannot move freely through the city, use public transport to get to his place of work. In many cases, it is even difficult for her to leave her home. And this can be a good specialist who is not hampered by his physical disabilities. It should not be, and it must be changed.

Unity needs support and financial assistance. There are many more people whose dreams have not yet come true. It’s not just a desire. These are dreams that can change one’s life for the better, inspire new accomplishments and make you believe in yourself. So don’t stay away. To do good is so nice!