Yuri Poloz. One can say about him “a gentleman from God.” From his masculine look no detail of feminine uniqueness is hidden. Yuriy is 31 years old. Moves with the help of a cane because it has cerebral palsy from birth. An active football fan. But sport loves not only watching but also doing sports. Meet – winner of all-Ukrainian swimming tournaments and participant of the charity photo project “Everything is possible! You are only a believe. “

A real reincarnation in front of Anna Likhatskaya’s camera was waiting for Yuri, a super-stylish guy with an extraordinary sense of humor, moreover, very modest.

The image of the second photo shoot was, to put it mildly, not familiar. Still! Image designer Olena Fokina worked on it – a master to see people from different sides who, even, people themselves do not notice. We think that after this photoshoot, Yuri saw himself completely new. Moreover, in the team of professionals photographer Konstantin Zapylaev and videographer Artem Bondarenko, the filming process quite captured the participant. He felt the difficult work of a fashion model.

And here are some of the impressions that Yuri shared with us after the photo shoots:

“Having received the offer to take part in the photo shoot, he agreed almost immediately. I love being in the spotlight. It was interesting to try yourself in a new role, to indulge in the hands of professional photographers and stylists, to feel the atmosphere of real photo studios. In addition, he took it as an interesting unusual adventure.

The shooting process was easy and easy. The key to this was that all its participants were creative and fun characters. For me, two completely opposite images were created. But they both embody different sides of my personality. Probably this contrast of images became the highlight of the project for me.

Now we have to thank all the organizers and participants of this extraordinary event and wait for a great result with their breath in wait ”

Many thanks to the Pandora and Goroshynka photo studios