мрійливий рекордсмен

Started the 2nd stage of the charity project “To You, My Dreams”. There were 10 participants with disabilities from different cities of Ukraine, with different fates and different dreams. For some time, the project’s organizers worked with each participant to support them in order to step by step to realize their dreams through faith and their own efforts.

So, on May 11, the first dream has come true. This dream was rather unusual. Firstly, the project participant Gorbatok Mikhail is the record holder of Ukraine from works of the matches.

He has a Childhood Cerebral Palsy from birth, which has, as a result, influenced the course and speech disorders. An interesting phenomenon is that Michael is a very dedicated boy, persistent, despite the hard work, making incredible works with matches.

Especially loving to do mockups of big cars. It is thanks to them that they got into the book of Ukrainian Records. But … doing such masterpieces, collecting a match to a match, paying attention to the smallest trinkets, Michael has never been in the cabin of such a car. . It was his dream – to drive along with the real truck driver in the car RENAULT Magnum.   Thanks to the help of the forwarding company “Prime”, the founder of the company Dmitry Lyushkin and company employees dream come true. And most importantly, one cannot but bless us, the organizers of the project, that, in spite of his fears, Mikhail, in the end, achieved his own dreams.

The UNITI Charity Foundation is very grateful to all those who joined and made it even more brilliant this unforgettable day: for photographers Konstantin and Anna Zapilayev, an indispensable operator Chernomorets Artem, Dronarium Ukraine for aerial photography and, of course, to the organizers of the project “To you, my dreams”.

Michael’s dream come true