What an unpleasant word “loneliness”. Will there be such a person who would not be afraid of this feeling?! Each of us dreams to be necessary to someone, dreams about the warmth and care, to give it and to get, dreams about perceptible embraces, native eyes… Each of us dreams about love.
This enormous sense is able to conquer any tops, carry out heroic deeds, sacrifice oneself, but the main thing is that love creates wonders! But unfortunately, picture is not so wonderful, as it seems at the first sight. Let’s take people with disability. Not everyone is able to meet love, moreover, to create a family. It is related with a few aspects: first of all, by influence of public opinion on the subconsciousness of a man with disability, and the second one – internal anxiety, lack of confidence etc. It leads to that frightful sense of loneliness.
The project “Heartbeating”,that started in September 2014, was created in order to decide this problem. Young people can become its participants both with disability and young people without disability, in fact the question is topical for all.

The aims of this project are:

– by means of training to teach building right mutual relations;
– by means of acquaintances, active communication and other methods to destroy in own subconsciousness and subconsciousness of surrounding people a negative stereotype about a concept “disability and love”;
– by means of conferences and camps to create possibility for acquaintances and happy families creation.

Our meetings will be held once per two months. In such a way we will not only destroy the fear of hopelessness and loneliness, but we will make the lives of many people happy and bright, where the real and sincere love lives!