ЗУСТРІЧ З ТЕЛЕВЕДУЧИМ ДМИТРОМ КОМАРОВИМWith the support of the UNITI charitable foundation and the efforts of Oleksandra Vovchenko on October ,22  in the October Palace  youth with disabilities, together with their attendants, had the opportunity to meet with Dmytro Komarov, the presenter of the TV program  “World Inside Out” and  the unchangeable operator Oleksandr Dmitriyev. This time the story was about a trip to Brazil. In the new season, Brazil will open to the program viewers not only as a merry and carnival country,but alsoas one of the most criminal countries in the world. Continue reading

Олександра ВовченкоShootings after shootings are taking place, some images are changed by the others, already familiar to us people show themselves in new and unexpected ways. But the image of the photosession of October 19th did not surprise personally me. This time the model was the author of the project Alexandra Vovchenko, who leads an active lifestyle and the diagnosis of ICP which made her move in a wheelchair isn’t an obstacle for her. Continue reading

When Natalie was 15, a car accident happened, whereupon the girl lost the left leg and she trained to walk again. She had experienced complexes, emotional stress which she overcame due to the support of her close people and friends. For today a girl is a world champion of fencing on invalid light carts, she is an example for many people, and now a participant of the charity project “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! JUST BELIEVE!”

We imagined in details what the character of the first photosession of Natalie Morkvych, that took place on October 21, would be. Continue reading

The 8th photosession of the project took place “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! JUST BELIEVE!”.This time happy and very charisma family of Anastasiya and Dmytro Yablochkiv became participants with their little angel, who looks more like Masha from the animated cartoon. Anastasiya suffers from ICP from her birth and moves by means of invalid light cart. In spite of ordeals, a girl always remained positive and sociable. By the will of fate she met the love and got the proposal Continue reading

maria nikitina

She is tender, but at the same time strong. Her name is Maria Nikitina.

At her age of 32 years she has already had 49 fractures of feet because of increased fragility of bones. However, an invalid cart by means of which she moves, is not an obstacle for her to lead an active life. She is an independent businesswoman, who breaks the stereotypes of society. Continue reading

This photo session (September 18, 2018) absorbed us into another world – the world of beautiful, world of artists. Morning of the participant of the project “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! JUST BELIEVE!”»- our talented designer Yana Shtapir began with a beautiful hairstyle and makeup from Dariia Ponomaryova.

And then the drawing studio Vostrykh Gallery was already kindly waiting for us. Even we, the organizers who never did drawing, in that atmosphere had a desire to take a paintbrush in hand and create masterpieces.

Our big gratitude to Mariia Kukulina for the photo! Thanks to her and her professionalism Yana was able to relax and enjoy the process of shooting to full extend: «My day in the art gallery was transfused as precisely as I do at home, for I do not have my own studio. The only thing that missed was the cup of tea to enter into creative reflection between the process of paintings and the search for inspiration, because the search for the composition and the reproduction of thoughts, both from the head and from the heart, requires time, mood and beautiful music that reveals the mood».

The second Yana’s photo session had a completely different character. Continue reading

It happened … Famaliar sounds of motors, iron horses and their courageous owners. The painting made us take a breath again.

On September 30, 2018 our second acquaintance with bikers took place on the last day of September and on the birthday of one of the members of our group, Vera Golovko. We – young people with disabilities, who sought to feel a furious squall of emotions and raise the level of adrenaline in the blood. Continue reading

On September 10th, started a charity photo project ” Everything is possible!  Just believe! ” The first shooting took place. The participant Anastasia Stelmakh shone no less than we, the organizers, from how we managed. But it was very beautiful and gentle !!!

“Apparently, for the first time my day was so full of thoughts about dreams. They already have an image in real time, filled with energy and feelings … “– then Anastasia shared impressions from her own photo session on her page. Continue reading