Благодійний проект До тебе, моя мріє

A charity project for people with disabilities “To You, My Dream” recalls dreamers. If you have a dream that you cannot fulfill on your own, then complete the project participant questionnaire faster: https://www.survio.com/survey/d/I7O5D4G8D7V4H5N9L (applications are accepted until September 10).
Dreams must come true !!! Remember this !!!

Two completely different girls, of different ages,
different views, live in different cities of Ukraine. However, both have a cerebral palsy forced her to move around in a wheelchair.

Elena Podgornaya. He lives in Kiev with his mother. Almost all the time he spends in the walls of his home. Not adapted house in which they live does not allow the girl to go outside freely. But her mother, despite her weak health, still tries to take her daughter out for a walk.
Elena had a dream – to meet her idol Oleg Vinnik. She spends with him almost every day, watching his every concert on TV. She is inspired by his songs. However, the realization of her dream seemed impossible to Elena.

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A hymn was written specifically for the project “To You, My Dream”. This is another kind of dream come true. The dream of the President of the UNITI Charitable Foundation, Valentina Sukhar, who authored the song. One of the organizers of the project, Victoria Shust, was the author of the idea of writing the anthem for the project.

The idea was endorsed by Tatiana Monro, the head of the Vocal Art School, which was sponsored and a vocal mentor. Music was provided by the team of the Christian Social Center “New Time”, consisting of: Bilyk Igor, Gorov Bogdan, Eremenko Anna, Storozhenko Andrew.

Many thanks to everyone who supported the idea and worked on the song “To You, My Dream”

This girl is not used to dreaming. Her dreams are her goals, which she achieves thanks to her hard work. She does not know how to stop in front of difficulties, she believes that her achievements in life depend solely on herself. But there is a circumstance that nevertheless complicates her life’s journey – cerebral palsy and physical dependence on others. This girl’s name is Anastasia Zaitseva.
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When you fall in love, the wings grow. This, of course, aphorism! However, the participants of the Beat Heart project Khutorov Alexandra and Pryshchepa Alexander felt the incredible flight to the fullest..

At the meeting dedicated to the lovers of a couple of winners, “the most active fans” won the prize – a flight from airflights from Virtualflightschool. And on the last day of winter, Alexander and Alexandra virtually climbed into the sky and made the coolest aerobatics.

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1aOn March 7 of this year, finally, the couple of winners of the game “Love at a Glance”, conducted within the framework of the “Heart Beat” project of the Unity Charity Foundation, took advantage of their main prize and visited the restaurant “Oasis of Delicious Dishes”, in which they was given an opportunity to have a romantic dinner for two.
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Sometimes the fairy tale becomes a reality. On February 17, 2015, the participants of the Beat Heart project felt it, because the regular meeting was held at the wonderful Alice in Wonderland restaurant. The charming atmosphere of the hall completely absorbed all those present in the wonderful fairy tale, where the dreamy girl Alice wandered along the paths of an unfamiliar and strange world. But our fairy tale is completely different. Our story about incredible love, which transforms people’s lives into a fairy tale.

The third meeting of the Beating of the Heart project was surprisingly unusual. It lasted for several centuries: an atmosphere of the nineteenth century, a show program of the 90s of the XXI century. and inflammatory dances of our time. The “Fish” of the meeting was the show “Love at a glance”. Three girls and three boys went through stage by stage, getting to know each other better. As a result, the coupled couple Anastasia and Alexander, who won the main prize from the first shot – dinner for two in the restaurant “Oasis of delicious dishes”, coincided. But it is better to share their impressions they themselves.

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