DISABLED YOUTH TRANSPORTATION Every month the charity fund “Unity” arranges trips for various excursions, trainings, projects, etc. Unfortunately, transportation of people in wheelchairs and people moving with a stick or walkers remains a huge problem. Local transport is not suitable for people with disabilities, social free transport denies us all the time. Thus, young people with physical disabilities, with all the desire to be in the rush of events, remain staying at home. But our goal is to help them become active people and build an absolutely full life. Therefore, we are asking you to help us solve this problem: either financially (so that we can order buses) or by your own transport. We will be very grateful for any help! VOLUNTEERS If you have a good and open heart, if you want to help, if you are up-to date and creative !!!- Then the charity fund “Unity” for youth with disabilities invites you to our volunteer team. We need people who are not indifferent to the fate of others. Waiting for everybody!