BikersBiker … I guess I will not be mistake if I say that this word is familiar to everyone from the very childhood, but everyone calls their associations.

In different countries, biker organizations have a row of their differences, but in general, the principles of each of them can be reflected in three words: Honor, Brotherhood and Mutual Gathering. Modern bikers are people who are not just in love with speed and freedom.

They try  to improve the culture of their Motherland, to support and actively participate in various charity events.

One such example was the charity motto for young people with disabilities, organized by the Unity charity fund on May 18, 2019.

This is not the first meeting of bikers with “units”. Last autumn, the first acquaintance took place. The weather has slightly lowered, and it has passed in the rain. The next time they rushed in the middle of Kiev. We seem to have cursed each other, studying our aspirations, desires, intentions. The bikers stared at each of the participants, which is quite understandable, because they take responsibility for everyone who sits on their bike, that is for each of us. We were fascinated by their bike- the gigantic handsome, each with its own, inherent in it, a character that, in our opinion, completely coincides with the character of the owner. And, of course, the bikers themselves, who were real lions outside and with a huge heart inside.

“This is all true” – this thought really sounded in my head as I rushed along the road, sitting behind Dmitry’s back, and my hair blew the wind when it was a bit tense with pleasure, and Dmitry thought I was afraid and tried me to reassure when trying to smile at him in the mirror. These were incredible feelings !!!

Anastasia Stelmakh mentions this day as follows:

“Kyiv is a sunny morning of the day off. We meet our good biker friends. Each of them already knows our physical nuances, so prudent men carefully put on us protective helmets, telling someone whose fate is more convenient. Saddled with brilliant “iron horses”, under the roar of motors, we organized a long column and went along the road in the direction of Boryspil. This speed, the rapid winds of the stream, when you march forward, feel the true freedom of the spirit. A break from everyday life. Even the shadows of anxiety dissolve in this wave of drive. Inspired by this unity of consciousness … Meanwhile, other roadmaps are filming our motostring, passersby smiling. On the left flies a bike with our photographer Alexandra, who, with one hand, sticking to the biker, the other makes steep shots. “

Indeed, the Unity team has traditionally worried that these minutes remain not only in our memory, but also in high-quality photos and videos, which, sure, will be more than once viewed by all the participants of the run and familiarized to the networks .

благодійний мотопробіг “I will say at once, I did not worry at all (that’s true, I’m not kidding),” Anastasia Zaitseva shares her impressions. – Everything went much more impressive than I imagined (I first participated in such an event, so it is foreseen). What was struck by? Professionalism of bikers! I was told after the run that we were moving at a speed of 120 km / h, and I did not feel it at all. On the contrary, sometimes it seemed that everything was too slow. I did not see the speedometer! “

Even our girls remember a picnic near the lake, where we ate tasty shish kebab, prepared by our guys, shared their impressions, played fun games, posed for the photo. A friendly atmosphere of goodness and solidarity prevailed.

“It’s as though we were all one big family,” says Anastasiya Stelmakh.

And Anastasia Zaitseva jokes about the large amount of food and emphasizes the special approach of the Unity Foundation: nobody has invited her to ride a bike or take part in a charity race in support of seriously ill children.

But we all want to express our immense gratitude to President of Tarasovaya Gora Biker Festival Ashot Arushanov and all the bikers who agreed to support our idea with him, Dmitry Volkov and his friend – the bikers who offered their own participation to our photographers – Anna Zapilayeva, Oleksandri Shurun, “Dronarium” for aerial photography and Alexander Stadnychenko. Due to his project “Yellow Behemoth” the wheelchairs of the participants were transported.

Authors of the article: Flying Ina, Stelmakh Anastasia, Zaitseva Anastasia