“For me, as a developing person, and having a small business, this topic is never more relevant and interesting!” – shared his impressions Oleksandr Stodnychenko (moving with the help of a wheelchair) – one of the participants of the charitable foundation, who was fortunate enough to attend the training “Metamorphosis” of Petro Osipov, which was aimed at raising business to a new level due to internal changes.

First of all, the UNITI Foundation is very grateful to the project organizers for the opportunity to attend training for 5 people with disabilities, together with the attendants.

For us, he was quite instructive!

Everyone wants to build a bright future, but often enough fears, misunderstandings or some other factors hinder and close the road to happy tomorrow. And it’s only you who are guilty of it! What else is to say about people with disabilities who are just like the tip of Olympus, but because of many “but” lose their desire to break through and turn back. One such “but” is the fear of being not accepted by society simply because you have a disability. Often these complexes simply destroy faith in themselves and their abilities.

“By attending such events, I start to understand more and more the main algorithms of success and work; for me the command game is clearer for me, and of course there are new goals, acquaintances, which allows me to open up, to begin to get out of my protective armor. And I see that at such events there are a lot of open, sensitive people who are ready to help, want to work in a team, and this is extremely valuable to me! Thank you for this opportunity, thanks for this knowledge “- Alexander added.

Well, we hope that the training opened up new opportunities for Alexander, as well as in front of another participant Olena Kovaleva, who also shared their impressions: “This is my first visit, this kind of event, and I’m not just delighted, but in nice shock! Having come there, my head was stuffed with a huge amount of different ideas, problems, complexes and a bunch of questions that I could not get answers to. The training gave me a “charming penalty” and an instruction for use for my brain! It was an incredible and cool atmosphere, lots of interesting people and a lot of valuable information! A great thank you to all the organizers and people who helped me get there! “